We are pleased that you have chosen to live in one of our rentals and hope that you will enjoy your new home. Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions by many of our residents


When is rent due?

Rent payment is due on the first day of each month but not considered late until after the 5th of the month.

How do I make my monthly rent payments?

  • Pay online through your tenant portal
  • Call our office and we can send you a cash slip to pay at your closest CVS or 7 Eleven.

What if I cannot pay on time?

We can try to work with you to arrange a payment plan acceptable to the property owner, however the late fee charge in your lease will be assessed to you. Be sure to contact us before your due date so that we can notify the property owner of your payment plan. Please call (254) 699-1700.

What happens if my roommate does not pay their portion of the rent?

We do not split rent; each tenant is equally responsible for the entire rent during their tenancy.

What happens if a personal check or online ACH payment is returned?

A charge of $35.00 will be assessed to your account. Replacement funds must be by Money Order or Cashier’s check. If there are two returned payments in a twelve-month period, we will no longer be able to accept personal checks or online ACH payments.

How do I get a mailbox key?

If the mailbox is owned by the property owner, you will be provided a key if it has a lock. If the mailbox is owned by the USPS you will need to take a copy of your lease to the local post office and they will provide you with a key.

When I moved in I did not have pets, and now I want to get one?

You will need to submit in writing the type of pet that you would like to bring on to the property and if approved by the property owner you will need to sign an addendum, provide picture of the pet and shot record (if a dog) and pay the additional security deposit which is a minimum of $250.00 and additional pet rent. We do have some breed restrictions.

What happens if I can’t take care of my yard?

Unless monthly lawn care is provided by the property owner in your lease, you will need to hire a lawn care company to perform this service. We have many professional lawn companies that we work with and would be happy to provide you with phone numbers.

Can I install a satellite dish or cable?

Yes, but you must first obtain written permission from our office and sign our Satellite Addendum. Some multi-family properties and those governed by Homeowner associations may prohibit installing a satellite dish in certain locations of the property. A dish can never be installed on the roof or fence of a property but must be installed on a pole in the back yard of the home. You must also take responsibility for removing the satellite dish and repairing any damage.

Who can occupy my property?

Only those who are listed on the lease are allowed to occupy the property.

Who do I contact regarding a maintenance issue?

You can submit a maintenance request through your tenant portal on our website.

Can I be charged for a maintenance issue?

Some of our properties have shared maintenance costs in the lease of $35.00. Also, if the repair is due to the resident’s damage or neglect then you will be charged in full. You can also be charged if you miss a maintenance appointment with one of our vendors.

Can I withhold rent until a repair is made?

Per the Texas Property Code, there are certain requirements that must be meet in order to withhold rent. These are explained in full in your lease agreement. The request must be in writing and a reasonable amount of time has been given to the Property management company to complete the repair item.

Can I make alterations to the property, such as painting?

Any request to alter the property needs to be requested in writing and must be approved in writing by our office prior to any work being done.

What is an Emergency?

Emergencies are defined as fire, flood, major roof leaks, sewer line backup, water line breaks, electrical issues endangering life, and gas leak. If there is a fire call 911. Please see your Resident Handbook for more information about emergency issues.

One of my roommates listed on the lease would like to vacate prior to the term of the lease expiring. What steps are involved in removing them from the lease?

If a Resident is moving out, this person must sign the Roommate Amendment as Deleted Resident; warranting that they are physically removing themselves and their belongings from the Premises, and the date they are doing so. The remaining Resident(s) will also need to agree and sign the Roommate Amendment. After all Resident signatures are obtained along with the $100.00 administrative fee to Central Texas Property Management, the requested changes will be made.

What happens to the security deposit if one person moves out?

The security deposit is handled between the tenants. The security deposit remains with the property until the entire property has been vacated, we do not refund portions of a security deposit to individual roommates.

I would like to add a person to the lease?

If your request to add a person to your lease is approved, the person would need to submit a completed application and application fee. If the application is approved there will be a $100.00 “Roommate Addendum Fee” and the lease addendum will need to be signed by all tenants.

What happens if I need to vacate the property prior to the lease expiring?

You would need to sign an unapproved Move Out Notice which requires rent to be paid in full until the property is re-rented and occupied by the new tenant. You pay for all costs associated with re-renting the property by paying the Reletting Fee as defined in your Lease Contract. Once the property is re-rented and occupied, we handle the move out according to Texas Property Code.

If I want to vacate the property at the end of the lease what steps need to be taken?

A 30-day notice in writing and signed by all Residents listed on the lease is required in order to begin the move out process and the 30 Days begins from the day we actually we receive the notice. You will either need to be on a month-to-month agreement or at the end of your current lease.

When is the move out inspection done and can I be present?

A move-out inspection will be performed after you have vacated the property. You can contact our Third Party Inspection Company to schedule that inspection if you would like to be present.

How do I get all of my Security deposit back once I move out?

A good rule of thumb is to leave the property as you received it minus any normal wear and tear and to make sure that any past due balances have been paid. You will need to leave the property 100% Clean as when you received it and have the carpets professionally cleaned and submit the receipt with your keys. You can review this information in your Move Out Instructions provided with your Lease Agreement and again with your Move Out Notice.

When do I get my security deposit back?

Your security deposit will be returned in full or with a letter explaining any deductions or good faith estimate of charges within 30 days of you returning the keys to our office in accordance with Texas Property Code.

Why didn’t I get all of my deposit returned?

Deductions may be made from your deposit for such things as cleaning the home, painting the home, professionally cleaning the carpets, lawn care, hauling of personal items, repairing any damage done excluding normal wear and tear, lawn care, hauling of personal items, missing keys or garage remotes, and tenant charges owing. If you receive your itemization of deductions and have questions or want to discuss it further, please email our office manager at davidnorman@centexpm.net.